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Cutting, stamping, plastic injection, tooling and assembly
Gris limbo

Desjardins SAS, expert in

steel and plastic processing

For nearly 60 years, the company DESJARDINS SAS has developed its know-how and its mastery of the transformation processes of steel and plastics. In order to provide more and more solutions to its customers, it has developed in related activities such as the study and production of tools, robotic or manual assembly of components, spot welding of elements. .

Today DESJARDINS is recognized as one of the main players in its business segments and the integration of the Company into the ROBERT SAS group allows it to benefit from a large stock of raw materials, a flawless logistics organization thanks to Robert Fret and a healthy and strong financial structure.

From the material to the manufacture of reliable products, the manufacturing processes are under control.

Values ​​and policy of our company:

  • high-level skills, for excellent performance

  • privileged human relations

  • personalized customer service, for their utmost satisfaction

  • compliance with our commitments, both in terms of quality and delivery times

  • excellency culture in all processes

  • ethics and safety


Our activities

At your service to meet your needs, we offer a range of comprehensive services.
From the study of your project to the most precise finishes, we will accompany you and we will satisfy you down to the smallest details.


Quality to meet all your requirements

DESJARDINS has always placed the quality of the products and services it markets at the center of its concerns. For more than 20 years the Company has been ISO 9001 certified and for almost 2 years it has obtained IATF 16-949 certification which is the benchmark standard for the automotive sector.

Our quality department guarantees that everything is done to ensure that our customers' satisfaction is complete.

Our quality laboratory is equipped with all the necessary means to guarantee our customers the supply of reliable products.


The ethics charter of the ROBERT Group and its subsidiaries


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