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Who are we ?

Desjardins SAS, an innovative company

Our history

Creation in the Paris region, by ROBERT DESJARDINS, of a company specialized in the study and production of tools in order to meet the needs of the CHRISTOFLE Goldsmith.


DESJARDINS SAS is transferred to a 600 M² building in Dieppe. It hires 18 people for her activity.


DESJARDINS SAS doubles its surface area and invests in machines to develop its activity and skills.


Taking into account the increase in activity, an extension of 1600 M² is carried out and it allows to bring in a line of presses of 5 times 160 tons. To improve the quality and monitoring of its products DESJARDINS SAS invests in a three-dimensional control bench.

The following year, a new 5 times 160 tonne press line completes the machine park.

In order to validate its vision of continuous improvement, the Company obtains the ISO 9002 certification.


The surface is now increased to 3200 M² and the founder's son, Jean-Pierre DESJARDINS takes up the torch after 8 years in the company. The Company invests in swan neck cutting presses, 2 arcade presses of 250 tons and in an automatic press of 500 tons


This period will be mainly devoted to the development of the plastics activity by taking over an injection workshop which will subsequently be reintegrated on the original site in order to manufacture in 3x8 more than 6 million parts.


The ROBERT Company, one of the main steel finishing centers, takes a stake in DESJARDINS SAS with a 50% stake. This association allows the company to have access to a large stock of raw materials and to benefit from privileged purchasing conditions.


DESJARDINS SAS is investing in a new automatic press of 630 tonnes which enables it to conquer new markets in the automotive sector. At the same time, the group's commercial synergies allow DESJARDINS SAS to carry out new developments, particularly in cupboard door guiding systems.


Following the death of Jean-Pierre DESJARDINS, a new management team is being put in place to put DESJARDINS SAS back on track. Automatic assembly machines for guiding systems are invested in. For this same activity DESJARDINS SAS is investing in a 60-ton injection press and two 6-axis robots which allow the production of wheels and castors. In order to facilitate studies, the purchase of a new CAD / CAD software is done and associated with a new ERP. The welding activity is developed by the integration of a turntable, 3 spot welders and an automatic welder with double distribution of nuts.


DESJARDINS SAS is investing in an automatic press of 400 tonnes with outgoing table and magnetic clamping. This new tool allows greater flexibility for medium series and increased productivity. In order to reorganize flows DESJARDINS is expanding by investing in a building of 1000 M² located in the neighbourhood. It is also investing in a small special line for laying adhesive strips on metal parts automatically and in a new 140-ton injection moulding machine.


DESJARDINS SAS is reorganizing all flows in order to increase its productivity. A connecting airlock is built to connect the new building and embellishment work is carried out. The ERP is deployed in the workshops associated with a WMS flow and stock management software. A new bi-injection press as well as a 350-ton injection press complete the machine park.

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